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Living with and beyond illness

After diagnosis and treatment, you may find that you have concerns, and feel unsettled. Family and carers will often have similar concerns. They will benefit from counselling too.
I have worked as Specialist Counsellor within the oncology department of the Royal Free Hospital NHS Trust for about 20 years, and met hundreds of patients and families who faced illness.

You may be thinking about:

  • Return to work
  • Money problems
  • Worries about the future
  • What you want out of life
  • Body image and sexuality
  • Personal and family relationships under strain
  • Feeling isolated and alone

    How can survivorship counselling help?
    Sometimes it may be difficult to express your feelings. You may be frightened of upsetting people who are close to you; equally your family may be worried about upsetting you.
    It is often helpful to speak to a counsellor specialist in that field.
    A few sessions may help you explore different ways of looking at the problems and of coping. It may help you find ways of talking about your situation.

    A short note I received from Alina after her treatment for chemotherapy ended and she received the all clear:
    Jacqueline it is as if you took me by the hand during this difficult period of my life. You helped face my cancer, and showed me how to talk to my family....

    An email I received from Ruthie:
    My difficult journey through my devastating illness has been made bearable with your genuine concern, patience and compassion. You are such a patient listener, never condescending and so thoughtful. Thank you.

    Maybe it is time to find out more....You can ring me without obligation on my confidential number.

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