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In the same way as each relationship is different, each loss is different.
Each one feels different.
Each mourning is different.
Each grieving is different.

You might feel cross, bewildered, angry, sad, numb. The list is nearly endless.

You might want to make sense of what is happening.

And now , nothing makes sense.

The trauma.
The pandemic.
The isolation.
The alone feeling.
The helplessness.

I have been Specialist Counsellor for about 20 years in Royal Free Hospital NHS Trust, meeting many bereaved people, who came for counselling and support.

I recently received this moving note from Vanisha: “After Steph died, all the lights went out. I found you, and you have shown me how to switch on the lights again, you showed me that it is me who switches the lights..... Thank you”

If you want some help, if you want to make a little sense of what is happening in your life, please contact me.


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